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Extractions services offered in Pasadena, CA

Do you have tooth crowding, impacted wisdom teeth, or severely damaged or decaying teeth? If so, the Dental Studio of Pasadena experts in Pasadena, California, are here for you. The outstanding team of dentists and prosthodontists offers tooth extractions and replaces extracted permanent teeth to give you a perfect smile. Call the office to learn more, or use the online booking feature today.

Extractions Q&A

What are tooth extractions?

Tooth extractions are oral surgeries to remove baby or permanent teeth. It’s commonly referred to as having teeth pulled.

Tooth extractions can be necessary for many reasons, including crowding, painful wisdom teeth, and infected or severely damaged teeth. The Dental Studio of Pasadena team uses sedation dentistry to make each extraction comfortable and painless.

They also offer dental implants, dentures, and bridges to replace missing or extracted permanent teeth so that you don’t have to live with gaps in your mouth after extractions.

What are the advantages of extractions?

The main benefit of tooth extraction is a low risk of further oral health problems. Extracting decaying or crowded teeth reduces pain and makes room for artificial teeth. The extraction process at Dental Studio of Pasadena is painless and relaxing, with a quick recovery.

Do I need tooth extractions?

Your Dental Studio of Pasadena specialist lets you know if you need extractions after reviewing your oral health history, symptoms, preferences, and desired results. They examine your gums and teeth and the results of your dental X-rays.

In some cases, you simply need a dental filling, crown, or orthodontics treatment rather than tooth extractions. Your dentist tailors a restorative dental treatment plan that suits your needs.

What should I expect during the procedure?

The Dental Studio of Pasadena first numbs your mouth to make sure extractions aren’t painful. They offer sedation to help you relax or even fall asleep during the extraction procedure.

Your dentist makes tiny incisions, removes teeth, and closes the incisions or places gauze in the empty spaces. After spending time in a recovery area, a friend or family member can drive you home.

What happens after tooth extractions?

Your mouth can be swollen and/or sensitive after tooth extractions. It’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions to ensure proper healing. Ice the treatment area, take medication as directed, and avoid vigorous brushing, using mouthwash, eating hard foods, or using a straw until your dentist says it’s OK. You should also attend all of your follow-up appointments.

After a healing period, you could be a candidate to receive dental implants and artificial teeth to fill in the gaps left by the extractions.

Call the Dental Studio of Pasadena office or use the online booking tool today to find out if you’re a candidate for extractions.